11 Oct 2023
Blog News

            On many occasions, when we are going to purchase a product or a service, the #guarantee is something that is mentioned quickly or not at all, unless you are buying an appliance in which case we are all clear that they have to give us the paper that certifies it.
            However, the #guarantee is a very important aspect of the product, because it means that the manufacturer of the product is so sure of its durability and proper functioning that it undertakes to replace the product with a new one in case it has a technical failure during a period of time. This period is known as warranty.
            According to European legislation, the #guarantee of a product must be at least two years, however, and based on what was mentioned a few lines above, the longer the guarantee period, the greater the reliability of the product.
            At ISINAC, as is already known, one of our pillars is the technical quality of our products, as well as the reliability of our raw materials, this allows us to offer #guarantees of up to 10 years on some of our products. This is another way of demonstrating to the end customer that, with ISINAC, they are making an investment in the future, that is, not only do you ensure acoustic comfort today, but you also do so with products and materials that, following the conditions of installation and maintenance, they will last you at least 10 years!!!

            There are several reasons that lead us to maintain this company policy, but we would highlight two of them:
1. For us there is nothing more satisfactory than a client who is happy with the results and who can also have that peace of mind that comes from knowing that the solution not only works on a technical level, but is also durable.
2. Our concern for the environment. Making durable products implies responsible use of resources, and therefore less impact on the plant.
With all this, what are you waiting for to join the long-lasting #acousticcomfort of ISINAC?
Contact us and we will give you all the information without any compromise.