13 Mar 2020

Every ISINAC’s manufacturing facilities, distribution points and administrative functions are operational and we are manufacturing as usual. We have taken appropriate protective measures for the health and well-being of all of our employees and collaborators who take part of the ISINAC business (more information is provided below) Our European supply chains are also operating as usual, including our fabric supplier  partners in UK, foam in Germany and Adhesive in Italy, where we can confirm that the manufactory plant is still open and it is manufacturing as always. The supply from these three countries, is currently assured, and we also have some stock in our warehouse. Our level of general stock of foam and fabrics remains strong in order to be able of satisfying the demand throughout the next three months. Our precautionary measures We are working extremely hard in order to protect our employees and our company from this health threat which is the COV-19. One of the most important things is the prevention the infection and the transmission of the virus between our employees, as a consequence we have adopted some measures:   All employee´s trip for commercial purposes has been suspended. Non-essential visits to ISINAC facilities have been stopped. The sales managers have put of their meetings with our clients, or they do them by conference-call. Sales managers conduct customer meetings whenever possible by phone or video conference. Hands disinfection products have been installed in every exit and entrance doors for the offices, warehouse and facilities. We have increased the frequency of the cleaner services in all the common areas. In that cases in which is possible to do online work, the employees are allowed to work from their home. Hand disinfection has been installed in all entrances and exits of offices, warehouses and facilities.   Urgent orders as another precautionary recommendation We communicate the option for customers to place a single, consolidated order, specified as "Coronavirus Stock" to provide additional buffer stocks for sale and facility fulfillment. We want to remind customers that this offer, with payment terms extended by 30 days, is available until March 19, 2020.   Once again, thank you very much in advance for your cooperation. We are doing our best to continue maintaining our usual service levels in all of our operations and to work at the highest levels which allow the continue with the business. We hope that you also stay safe and well, and that your business continues without undue interruption during these very challenging socio-economic circumstances.