24 Jun 2021

As we all know, the pandemic caused by COVID-19, suppressed all social and professional events that involved the physical gathering of people. One of the sectors that has suffered the most from its consequences, apart from the hospitality industry, was the sector of fairs and events. Overnight all events were canceled, contracts abolished, and consequently many companies ruined.
That is why there was already a desire to see each other again. The occasion was propitiated by # ISESHOW2021, since it decided to modify its traditional format of a huge fair, to small local meetings in Amsterdam, London and Barcelona, where we had the opportunity to expose some of our products, but above all to begin to see the reactivation of the market.
In addition, this year, taking advantage of the Hybrid format of the fair, the #AVIXA association organized a meeting called #AVexperienceZone, in which different types of audio integration solutions for different sectors were shown. It was in this space that our CEO, Berni Diéguez, spoke about our already well-known #ELAULADELEO to show the impact of #acoustic comfort in the classroom.

For our part, we have already done the rebooking for # ISE2022, which we do not intend to miss and we hope you will be warming up for the news. In the meantime, here are some photos of the event.