1 Mar 2021

When we speak about the acoustical conditioning of a public use space like a classroom, an office, a restaurant or a gym; we start to look for #acousticpanels. It is not any doubt about the fact that they are an efficient, simple, smart and quickly solution for removing the #noise, the #echo and the #reverberation, giving #acousticomfort to the spaces.
However, and due to the fact of we are talking about public use spaces, not only is the acoustic absorbent efficiency the most important thing, but also the subject which are related with the safe and health of people, because they are going to be exposed to the materials used.
One of the most important aspects to take in account, is the behavior of the material facing the fire, because of, in case of an accident, it could help to avoid personal damage, or in the contrary increase the risk of something horrible happens.
Three are the point to focus on:
1.     The time the material takes in light the flame once it has been exposed to the fire.
2.     Whether or not it emits toxic fumes during combustion.
3.     Whether or not it releases "drops" in the fire-disintegration process.
Below you can watch an example of how the acoustic materials most used in the market react to the fire exposition.