5 Jun 2023
Blog News

As you already know those who belong to this great community of #acousticcomfort, ISINAC has had since its beginnings a clear orientation towards respect and care fo the #environment. We cannot forget that, in the end, the #noise is another source of #pollution that not only damages people, but also the fauna and therefore the ecosystems of where it occurs. Guided by this spirit we put our self on the road and after a few months of hard work, we can say that we achieved the certification in the UNE #ISO14001 & #ISO14006 standards.


The UNE ISO14001 standard is an international standard that refers to #Environmental management. Includes planning, execution, control and improvement actions aimed at identifying, controlling and monitoring the environmental aspects that are collected in the company's environmental policy



For its part, the UNE ISO14006 standard is a more detailed concretion of the previous one to identify, when designing a new product, those aspects that may have an environmental impact on the product design and development process. This standard not only guarantees a continuous improvement in the environmental aspects of the products, but also leads the company to be in the constant search for innovation. Something that is also part of the constitutive essence of #ISINAC



We are very happy and proud to be able to share with all of you this achievement and make you participate in this joy. In addition, having achieved these certifications is a plus for all our clients and collaborators, since it means the ratification of the work model that we have followed to the long years and launches the message that our concern for the #environment is not limited only to #acousticpollution, but to all forms of pollution and harmful sources for our planet.

We want to thank @NorqualityConsultores who have helped us in this process and the @Bureauveritas certifying agency