13 Jun 2022
Blog News

             For some years in the work environment there have been some changes aimed at promoting internal communication, productivity and creativity. Just as we no longer talk about bosses but about leaders, the concept of the #office as a compartmentalized space is losing weight in favor of totally open spaces where information and relationships flow. Although the benefits of this organization of space are more than evident, it also has a very dangerous consequence for a good work environment, the decrease in #acousticcomfort.

            #Noise and #reverberation are considered a strong component of #noisepollution, and as such have consequences for people's health. Stress, burnout syndrome or hearing loss are some of them.

            Such is the importance of this phenomenon that the ISO22055 standard for "Acoustic Quality of open offices" has been created. This standard establishes the recommended reverberation time for offices depending on the type of activity to which the company is engaged. In addition, this standard seeks to be in line with several of the 2030 sustainable development goals.


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