26 May 2021
Blog News

The market has made it clear that this Covid 19 pandemic has not only changed consumption patterns, but also the priorities and demands of users in general.

Teleworking has fully entered our lives and work spaces need to adapt to new needs. The offices of the future will be focused on the people who occupy them, that is, they are intended to be dynamic, versatile places, a source of interaction and innovation. In short, that they are spaces where #comfort acquires a main role.

Such is the importance that the concept of healthy and comfortable spaces has acquired, that the “WELL” seal of the INTERNATIONAL WELL BUILDING INSTITUDE  has been created, whose objective is to raise awareness about that“ the spaces that surround us can make anyone, anywhere, healthier, happier and more productive ”.

With all these ideas in mind, at ISINAC we got to work a few months ago to develop a product that met several standards:

1. Acoustic Absorber

2. Versatility, that could be moved and was useful for several rooms

3. Sustainable, that both its design, manufacture and use were.

All this without losing sight of our principles of technical quality and design.

As a result of all this, today we present #ISONUF, our DIAMOND pouf, which meets 5 of the 10 standards that make a “WELL BUILDING” space.

It consists of a pouf with acoustic absorbent properties and that due to its design can be stacked or combined, giving rise to different shapes and figures.

Available in two ranges of fabric, basic and Premium, the first recyclable and the second compostable, which represent an offer of more than 72 different colors.


Finally, it has built-in small wheels that facilitate its movement and stacking. The best solution for your office, waiting room, common space or recreation area.

Do not miss our updates on Social Networks, because in a few days you will have all the information about ISONUF DIAMANTE on our website and you will be able to download its technical sheets.