14 Jun 2019

In ISINAC not only is the acoustic comfort is important, but also a design which provides style and design to the rooms takes part of our main objective too. Focusing on this, we are working in offer more types of pieces and solutions in order to integrate the acoustic solutions in the lines of the design of the room. The I+D department works so hard in trying to innovate and create wonderful pieces which don´t loose the acoustic properties, the easy installation and the properties of the raw material. Here we show you some of our new pieces and shapes. Enjoying the design and the creation of acoustic comfort spaces   isinac-absorcionacustica-acoustic-sound-reverberation-arquitecture-design-gota-2 isinac-absorcionacustica-acoustic-sound-reverberation-arquitecture-design-gota-3#acousticcomfort #acousticabsorbentpanels #acousticsolutions #interiordesign #shapes #withoutnoise #isinac