22 Jun 2020

In Spain,today, we start which is already called "the new normal", a concept that we still do not have very clear about ​​what it consists of, but we are sure that life has changed, things are not as they used to be anymore This “Post-Covid” era brings many changes, sometimes new ways of doing things, and in others, it has simply accelerated the transformation process that was already beginning. One of these changes is the new organization of the workplaces. On the one hand, it has been proved that teleworking is something possible, that is, the fact of working from home does not require a decrease in productivity. On the other hand, videoconference meetings have become common and necessary to be able to interact between the teams and the parties. Finally, it is clear that productivity is more important than face-to-face, and its results are better in terms of cost savings and improved results. Companies are looking for ways to prevent new outbreaks of the virus in their workplaces. For this, measures such as the reduction of personnel in each shift, the flexibility of hours or the creation of open spaces that require greater distance between workers are repeated. All these measures are helpful, but on many cases we forget to create spaces that often improve productivity. But how to improve productivity through the workplaces? the answer is very simple #acousticconditioning. The reduction of the #noise which is generated in a room due to #reverberationtime or #TR, supposes an improvement in concentration, a decrease in #stress, an improvement in #intenability of the word and a reduction in the volume of voice with which is spoken. All this helps to generate a climate of peace and calm that allows working hours to be activated more effectively, and as a consequence, a reduction in the time spent in the office. A decrease in #TR and background noise level, along with an improvement in #speechintelligibility, are the main values ​​to consider when creating spaces that are #acousticallycomfortable. Below, we show an example of a workplace that has undergone #acoustic conditioning treatment with #isinac.   [pexyoutube pex_attr_src=""][/pexyoutube]