23 Jul 2021
Blog News

Among the different ISINAC solutions for #AcousticComfort, there is our  #Curtain, which we had already told you about and you had your essay on the #AcousticAbsorption at your disposal on the web.

However, some time ago we began to test the product at the level of acoustic insulation, since its composition and the way it is made, led us to intuit that it could also function as an #acousticinsulator. The tests that we carried out internally gave us good results, so we decided to send the #curtain to the laboratory which we usually work with, @TECNALIA, to carry out its test and subsequent certification of the results.

Well, the results have already reached us and indeed, as we thought, the #ISINAC  #Curtain has magnificent results as an #acousticinsulator, as can be seen in the table that we show you below:

This represents a great advance in the usefulness of the product, since it can no longer only serve to incorporate #AcousticComfort into spaces, but also allow us to separate work areas, enable private areas in your restaurant or create an authentic home cinema in your house; and all this temporarily, with a cheaper system than partitions, as well as a faster, cleaner and easier installation. On the other hand, given its structure and composition characteristics, it can be collected by folding it by means of a rail, occupying a minimum space.    

In the next few days you will have the essay available on the web for download. However, if you have any questions or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.