17 Oct 2019

The Acoustic Comfort is a passive good which is not usually present in the schools and academies, however, its inclusion in the classroom supposes a big improvement. This passive element is not appreciated until one can feel and hear the difference between a classroom with reverberation and a contiguous space without it. This is what Leo is trying to explain in the video. The corridor, due to the constructive elements and the floorplan of the space, it is generated a big amount of reverberation. However, his classroom once it has been install the phono-absorbent material (Which has been calculate and made the design for its installation before of sending the material), the reverberation has decreased becoming the space in a comfortable space. The acoustic comfort in the classrooms, generates in the first point a better intelligibility of the word, as a consequence, there is an improvement in the communication, the attention and a decrease in the auditory stress. Furthermore, it improves the student performance, which is reflected in the academic’s results. The auditory stress which the student is put down, when in the classroom there is a big amount of reverberation, means a real obstacle for the students like Leo for who the reverberations of the room is become in an almost unsupportable noise due to their auditory implants. The acoustic absorption is fundamental for the schools, it reduces the student stress directly, makes easy a better attention and due of all this, the student improve his marks. Furthermore, the fact of suffering less auditory stress during the day, implies a better rest during the sleeping hours, just as an improvement in the digestive processes of the child. The ISINAC’s products are phono-absorbents, it means that they are the solution for the echo and reverberation issues which are generated in the inside spaces. Furthermore, all of them fulfill the normative about fire and allergens, and they have a high level of absorption too. Therefore, the installation of Acoustic Solutions from the brand ISINAC, will help you not only to improve the acoustic of your room, but also and as a consequence of it, to improve the health of the users of the room.   [pexyoutube pex_attr_src="" pex_attr_width=""][/pexyoutube]