The beginnings of 2024 at ISINAC

2 Apr 2024
Blog News

We are aware that you have not received news about ISINAC #acousticconditioning in this way for a few months, and the truth is that, although we have been very aware of the community that we are at ISINAC , we had not put anything here... But like all good things, waits, the reason why we have been so “silent” has been a lot of projects that, as always, were aimed at continuing to expand this idea of ours of #acousticcomfort . However, here is a small summary of our last months, get ready, let's go!!!

We start the month of January fully immersed in preparing to attend what is already one of our flagship fairs, the ISE . This year, it has also had the largest number of attendees since it started. At ISINAC we have also witnessed this increase in attendance and we have had many good visits from people and companies that were amazed by ISINAC's #acousticpanels, as well as with all our #acousticcomfort solutions . But don't worry, (although a few months have passed) we will dedicate an exclusive entry to tell you in more detail, for the moment, stay with the idea that the #acousticabsorption and #acousticcomfort that we achieve with ISINAC #acousticconditioning is traveling the world

Still with our suitcases almost unpacked, we began the trip to Stuttgart , this time accompanied by our partner IASO, to attend the R+T Stuttgart fair with the ABSORBRELLA solution. This year , we were also one of the finalists for the innovation award given by the organization . Although in the end, we were not the winners, it was a great opportunity to show the outdoor #acousticabsorption and #soundproofing solution that is #ABSORBRELLA.



And now that the month of March is over, we accompanied our Italian distributor  to the #DIDACTA fair in Florence . A space dedicated to providing solutions of all kinds for the educational field. A great opportunity that we were able to take advantage of to raise awareness about the relationship between #acousticabsorption and learning in the classroom.

As you can see, the beginning of the year has been busy, and hence our silence on this path, however, this is just a summary of what has happened and which we will tell you in more detail over the coming months.

Finally, remind you that we are starting the month of APRIL, the month we dedicate to #noise awareness, since next April 24 we will celebrate "International Noise Awareness Day", so you know, stay tuned for our Social Networks and our blog, things are coming...