2 Mar 2022
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Have you ever heard the term #neuroarchitecture? It is known how the science that studies how the environment modifies our emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
The union of neuroscience and architecture gives rise to talk of creating healthy spaces where productivity, innovation and creativity can be fostered through the environment and the interaction of human talent.
In the end, we must not lose sight of the fact that sustainability is not only about the materials that are used and how to respect and care for the environment, but also about caring for people's mental health. There is no doubt that the workplace in which we usually spend at least 8 hours of our day has a great impact on each of us and our emotions.
As stated in the article published by the digital magazine Connection by finsa ( , 6 would be the elements that favor the creation of a healthy space:
1-    The temperture
2-    Lighting
3-    Presence of plants
4-    The colors
5-    The fragances
6-    The use of curves.

Five of these factors are provided by the acoustic comfort of #ISINAC, who, through its acoustic absorption solutions, is capable of providing spaces with acoustic quality and design that will make your workplace a point where creativity arises and flows without rest.
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