14 Apr 2021

          We continue our commemorative series for the International #Noise Awareness Day. Today we will talk about the relationship between #noise, work stress and productivity.
          Constant exposure to a high level of noise triggers the so-called #acousticstress, which not only affects the worker´s hearing capacity, but can also have much more harmful effects on health, such as affecting the ability to concentration, physical and emotional exhaustion, intestinal dysfunctions and even developing chronic stress or the so- called “burnout syndrome”
            Such is the importance of #noise at work that there is a European regulation, Directive 2003/10/CE of the European Parliament and the Council in which some measures are collected for the detention and treatment of employee exposure to #noise as part of the Occupational Risk Prevention.
            #Accousticcomfort seeks to improve the acoustical quality of offices through the installation of acoustic absorption solutions, thus eliminating noise and reverberation. Removing the #acousticstress from a room will not only improve the quality of life of the #workers, but will also mean an effective improvement in the company´s labor, economic and social objectives. Some of the most notable positive effects are:
-       An improvement in #productivity, caused by an improvement in employee concentration and reduction of stress.
-       A notable decrease in absenteeism from work. The fact of being in a place with #acousticcomfort means that workers do not feel so much need to take breaks throughout the day. In addition, by not suffering #acousticstress, the diseases caused by it decrease.
-       Improvement in the work environment. #Stress, together with the lack of intelligibility caused by excessive noise, affects the mood of workers, contributing to misunderstandings or problems. Improving this situation improves the relationship between them.
And how there is no better explanation than a demostration, here is a video of the before and after of a #callcenter that has been endowed with the #acousticcomfort of #isinac by installing some #acousticpanels