9 Sep 2021

             For a lot of us the rest days from the summer are already far away, but this does not mean that we have not come back full of energy to face this last period of the year.
            It seems that step by step the things are coming back to as usual, or at least, to which is called the “new normality”. It is true that, there is still much uncertainty in the market, however, there is one thing that the pandemic has left clear, and this is that, we need that our markets and products will be more sustainable and respectful with the environment.
            At #ISINAC we believe that it is the moment to bet for those brands and products which are focus not only in an excellent technical quality, but also that, both the product itself as the manufacturing process would be the most sustainable as it could be. After all, the value of a product shouldn´t would be only the value of its usability itself, but also its ability to generate value in all the manufacturing chain and to do a responsible and respectful use of the resources. This is the reason because in #ISINAC we are proud to know that the philosophy which we started our adventure with, has demonstrated us that we were in the correct way. This proud and satisfaction of having a product which achieves all these requirements, is which we want to transmit to all of our distributors net, customers and collaborators, in order to increase the reaffirming and the trust which you give us each time you ask for our solutions.

It is true that it has been a really though year and a half for all of us, ones for economics issues, others for personal or familiar problems as a consequence of what happened. Anyway, we know that we are close to the end of the tunnel, that we have a really good product and that the Acoustic Comfort demand is increasing. With all these certainties we face this last period of the year, which will be good by sure.